सानिमा जिआइसी इन्स्योरेन्स र सिटिजन्स क्यापिटलबीच हकप्रद सेयर निष्कासनको सम्झौता

Sanima GIC and Citizens
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१८ असार, काठमाडौं। 

सानिमा जिआइसी इन्स्योरेन्सले सिटिजन्स क्यापिटललाई ५० लाख कित्ता हकप्रद सेयर निष्कासन तथा बिक्री प्रबन्धकको रूपमा नियुक्त गरेको छ, जसमा दुवै संस्थाका प्रमुख कार्यकारी अधिकृतहरूले सम्झौतामा हस्ताक्षर गरेका छन्।

सानिमा जिआइसी इन्स्योरेन्स र सिटिजन्स क्यापिटलबीच हकप्रद सेयर निष्कासनको सम्झौता भएको छ ।

यससँगै इन्स्योरेन्सले हकप्रद निष्कासन तथा बिक्री प्रबन्धकमा सिटिजन्सलाई नियुक्त गरेको हो । सम्झौताअनुसार सिटिजन्स क्यापिटलले सानिमा जिआइसीको ५० लाख कित्ता हकप्रद सेयर निष्कासनका लागि बिक्री प्रबन्धकको कार्य गर्नेछ ।

Sanima GIC and Citizens Capital Rights Share Issue

About Citizens Capital Limited 

Citizens Capital Limited, formerly known as C.B.I.L Capital Limited, was incorporated in 2007 as National Investment & Capital Market Limited. After the acquisition of National Investment in 2015 by Citizens Bank International Limited, Citizens Capital Limited was established. As a leading merchant bank, Citizens Capital offers comprehensive services in investment banking, manages mutual funds worth Rupees 1.38 billion, and provides merchant banking services, including Depository Participant, Issue Management, Underwriting, and RTA/RTS services. They also offer expert Portfolio Management services. Their mission is to proactively satisfy customers with excellent services and provide sound returns to investors, aiming to become the market leader in the capital industry.

Sanima GIC and Citizens Capital Rights Share Issue

At Citizens Capital, a team-oriented approach is employed to meet customer needs and expectations. They start by understanding the customer’s requirements, then recruit and train human resources to handle assignments impeccably. Combining efforts, they deliver beneficial results for customers and maintain a database of activities and results for continuous improvement. With a capital structure featuring Citizens Bank International Limited as the majority shareholder (58.60%), the Employee Provident Fund (17.14%), and individual shareholders (24.26%), Citizens Capital thrives under the strong support of its parent company, Citizens Bank International Limited, a commercial bank regulated by the NRB.

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