ICT Frame is an online magazine for the community belonging to information and communication technology which also provides two versions of the magazine based on native and international language. ICT Frame serves the need of today’s world which is occupied mostly with the ideas relating to information technology. It has been helping out Nepalese youths providing different perspectives regarding the development of Information Technology in Nepal.

It has its headquarters in Nepal situated at New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. ICT frame helps in providing the ideas in IT (Information Technology) field. And it also provides a platform to those who have the passion for IT. ICT frame is of two versions. One is native and other is the international language. ICT frame is one of the active management of IT. And it as well gathers the new technological inventions. one of the highest terraces for youths And it is one of the best ways to submit your news.

ICT frame serves the need of today’s world. It occupied the ideas relating to IT. And it has also been providing several ideas about the IT fields. It as well introduces people to a topic for discussion. Furthermore, it helps in the development of the country as well.

As we all know, most of the people, especially a youth have more passion for IT. ICT frame is an excellent source of information for them. It also provides the challenges, and the new generation might have to face. ICT can apply in different areas. It can use in government and Business. Also, it can use in a hospital as well as in Education. So, ICT frame helps to know the uses of IT in these areas. And it as well provides the idea how technologies used in these sectors.

In the context of Nepal, more youths have a passion for IT. ICT frames provide different resources of IT for them. The headquarters is in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu. It has been helping Nepali youths by offering a different perspective on IT. ICT frame has provided several platforms for Nepalese children. And it also helps to optimize their skills to confront current issues of Nepal.

Moreover, ICT frames help to get the latest information on IT sectors. Not only in a country but in every state it is beneficial. It as well focuses on the upcoming generations. Each an every new invention makes youth to be passionate about IT. It’s been an excellent platform for the child to show their skills. And it as well helps for the sustainable government.

ICT Frame provides regular viewers with the current advancement in the IT field as well as the challenges the new generation might have to face. It has been giving several ideas regarding the prosperity of the IT field and introduced people to a topic for discussion regarding the area itself. ICT Frame provides a platform to those Nepalese youths who have a passion for IT and wants to optimize their skills to confront current issues in Nepal.